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Apa faedahnya menukar kereta?

Di zaman harga minyak dan barang semua naik ini masih ramai lagi berkemampuan membeli kereta baru. Apakah mereka fikir sudah memadai murahnya apabila diturunkan sebanyak RM5000? Kalau org miskin yg berkata memang sudah murah itu tidak mengapa kerana nilaian sebanyak itu utk mereka sudah dikategorikan sangat2 murah. Tetapi bagi kita yg ada pekerjaan tetap dan gaji RM3000 ke atas adalah sangat bodoh apabila membesar2kan ia sebagai murah. Tidak berfikir panjangkah kita akan kegunaan kereta itu sehari2 bersama dgn harga minyak yg dinaikkan sebyk RM0.30 itu oleh kerajaan yg bengap? Bandingkanlah harga yg kononya murah itu dgn harga minyak yg akan kita gunakan selama setahun pun cukuplah. Berbaloikah??

Pelik rasanya, adakah kita sebagai pengguna tidak rasa langsung keperitan hidup? Adakah kita ini jenis yg tak kisah langsung masalah semasa. Hidup nafsi-nafsi. Tidakkah mereka tahu sikap mereka itu menyebabkan rakyat yg miskin semakin tertekan? Jika kita semua bersatu memboikot membeli kereta baru sudah pasti pengedar2 dan pengeluar kereta akan rugi. Utk mengelak kerugian yg lebih parah pengedar dan pengeluar kereta pasti akan akan menekan kerajaan.

Kerajaan pula nak tak naksudah pasti akan mencari jalan utk mengatasi masalah kerugian pengeluar2 kereta. Mungkin jalan terakhir yg mereka nampak ialah dgn menurunkan harga kereta lagi dan menurunkan harga minyak. Iya minyak itulah emas yg orang ramai yg masih bodoh utk menilaikannya.

Dalam asyik berfikir tentang itu aku melayari internet mencari maklumat kereta dan aku terjumpa satu komen dari seorang pengguna NAZA Sutera seperti di bawah. Bayangkanlah kita ditempatnya sudah pasti tertekan. Dan aku bersyukur aku ada sebuah mercedes yg diketuk2 menjadi kancil yg tidak pernah memberikan masalah besar pada aku dan aku tidak ada sebab utk menukar kereta melainkan aku ingin bergaya bodoh seperti mereka itu.

for those who want to buy naza sutera please read this.....
hanya sekadar nasihat untuk kekawan sume....

NAZA SUTERA.....If there is an award for the most low quality

Thank God people start to realize this China made car... pass it to NAZA

· May 24, 2006 @ 1:06 pm

Guys.. I already got the car last week. Let me share with u what I felt and foun out about MY car.

1. From the quality of the car, u can see that the main objective of Naza is only to make profit. The car is no quality at all. I made a big mistake judging the car by its cover.

2. The Quality Inspection Department at Naza is terrible. Almost 50% plactic part inside & outside MY car is not fixed properly. * I have to tighten the screw that loose.

3. On my second day I got the car, I park it outside my office. Raining heavily that morning. I came out from the office just to find out that my driver and passenger behind the driver seat is flooding with water. The rubber at the door is no quality at all. Water went inside. I have to send to service centre for fixing. Take 2 days for the fixing because the mechanic have to do inspection to find where the water come from.

4. The plastic cover that cover between the stereng and the dashboard is loose. One big screw felt down from under the stereng when the mechanic turning the stereng left and right to fixed the cover.

5. the black plastic bottle that contain liquid (not sure for what) was not properly fixed into it place.

6. During the second day my car at the service centre, since I have free time that day, I accompany the mechanic doing his job fixing the car. Suddenly the mechanic shouted angrily.. I ask him what happened? Guess what, the hose that connect the fuel pum to the tank is wrongly fixed. What the hell is this NAZA? Are u making LAWAK KOMEDI?!!!

7. The water pum that shoot the water for the wiper is not working. Front and rear the same.

8. My bonnet is not fixed properly. SENGET. Some more difficult to open it. Got this fixed by the Service Centre.

9. The gear leather/plastic cover pin broken. Have to wait for Naza to replace it. Under warranty.

10. The engine will make a loud of noise.. really loud when the speed reach 110 ? 120KM/H Depending on you luck. One of the owner that I meet at the service centre claim his car make noise when the speed reach 110KM/H. The sound like when in the airport terminal and in front of u are one aeroplane ready to take off. Lucky for me, the sound only happened to me when my speed reach 120KM/H. Guys.. trust me, the sound is very loud and weird. I own kancil & Honda. Even my kancil also not making that kind of sound even the speed reach 120KM/H.

11. NAZA are making a very stupid and big mistake . Giving a very bad first impression to it?s customer. Guys, my review alone had cause 4 of my colleague canceling the booking. One of them already planned to get the car for his future wife.. straight away switch to ATOS. Ooh.. Yes, almost forgot, how I wish I got videocam during the time the mechanic fixing my car on the second day at the workshop. Because on that particular day, I had become an unofficial mechanic working for the service centre.. Want to know why? Well.. because there were a lots of simple2 faulty and big faulty, I had to help the mechanic to fixed all the small faulty while he doing the big job. Small faulty such as tighten all the loosing screw driver. Not counted the screw that does not got into the hole.

Conclusion? If there is an award for the most low quality and ridiculous car of the year, I guarantee you guys NAZA SUTERA will win the award . Trust me, I am not someone from perodua or proton. I bought the car for my wife birthday present. I bought her kancil 4 years ago. Luckily I still did not sell the kancil yet. After I got this ridiculous Sutera, now only I learn to appreciate the kancil so much. With less problem and good quality, I feel really comfortable with it. Guys.. I don?t want to make u canceling your SUTERA booking. Please, go ahead.. but since there were a lots of problem with the first batch of Sutera.. maybe u want to consider wait for the next batch. The mechanic at the service centre told me that their SA cant make sales anymore because NAZA had stop producing the car for temporary to settle all the mess they had made. All the car that still in the loading bay had been calling back to factory for second round inspection.

guys.. sorry.. i have some more to added.

1. The big screw that hold the tyre is rusty.

2. the front brake disc also rusty. both left and right.

3. if u turn off the engine, dont forget to turn off your radio first. My SA told me to do so when i pickup my car. I dont trust him. On the second day (the day i am driving my car to the workshop to fixed the problem that cause my car flooded with raining water) i forgot to turn off the radio, after 2 hours, when i press the blue alarm button to open my car, it only make sound, but the car is not opening. I tried for about 10 times. still the same. I have to open the car manually. start the engine and let the battery recharged, then only the alarm is functioning back to normal. Told the service centre about this problem, they claim WHERE GOT! When u off the engine everything will turn off. But why my SA and the service centre have different version of story? Well.. the conclusion is, there might be bug with the radio or the wiring. Not sure.. will give more review on this matter next time if problem occur again.


· armada said,

May 24, 2006 @ 3:45 pm

Further comment from the same person?..

i appreciate you concern. Since there were only few problem that left , i will list down the problem that still havent fixed yet.

The Problem Still havent Rectified

1. The gear leather/plastic casing pin that broken.

2. Water Pum for the wiper front and rear.

3. The rusty dics plate front left and right.

4. I am going to ask NAZA to replace all the rusty nut at all the 4 tyre.

5. The plastic that cover the panel between the stereng and dashboard had been fixed. But 2 days ago my wife told me that it loose again.

6. This afternoon call my wife and she told me she detect new problem. Right rear door difficult to close. U have to close it little bit harder than usual.

7. The noise that the engine made. Not sure if this is normal or what. But the noise is really weird. And what make this noise interesting is that it only started exactly when my speed reach 120km/h . It?s like a warning to tell my wife & me to drive slowly .

8. I am not sure if there were anything else? but i hope this will be the last one..

Regarding the service centre, the service is good. Mechanic is knowledgeable. But i am not sure with other service centre.. the one that i went is good. And one of the reason that prevent me from making havoc at NAZA Corporation HQ is their 5 star NAZA Care Service. I call them and told them about this problem. They were so concern and call me about 10 times during that 3 days.. they keep calling me even after my car was already out of the SC. and i remember one male officer keep saying sorry to me. Atleast they managed to cool me down..

I am planning to write an official complaint letter to the Sales Director/General Manager of Naza Corporation asap. I will also send a copy of the letter to Tan Sri Son (I believed one of the top management of Naza Corporation). This matter should be broght forward to them. I wasting my time and effect my emotional. What will u feel if it?s only 2 days u got your new car (somemore it?s supposed to be a birthday gift for my wife) and everything become nightmare. It effect my emotion.

I am also planning to ask NAZA for compensation. RM40 for taxi fare that i had to pay from the SC to my office and from my house to the SC. I am also going to ask Naza to compensate me for my time i had to waste on last Thursday, Friday & Saturday for having to waste my time at the SC. This is something that supposed can be prevent from the beginning. I didnt expect so much problem with new car. Understood if there were 1-2 problem.. but this is more than that!

Lastly, my sincere advice to NAZA.. Please get a good and quality screw.. even that small thing also u cant get it right.. how can u got dream to export the car to oversea.. (*The screw i mention is the one that u can find under the body of the car.

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